NetSuite Made Easy

How does one learn the zillion different features of NetSuite?  How can one effectively learn the fundamental features in NetSuite to be confident and proficient with NetSuite?

Finally, a set of NetSuite Video Training courses that does exactly that! In fact, with these courses you can become expert with NetSuite fundamentals in just a few days.


Jessica Elias
Project Manager & NetSuite Consultant

"Great courses, makes it easy to get acquainted with the general features of NetSuite. They are easy to follow and it's great that it intermingles practical exercises and questions to enforce the learning."
Jay Anderson
NetSuite Solution Consultant

"These courses are the perfect starting point for learning how to navigate and customize NetSuite. The videos are concise and to the point, and the test questions reinforce your knowledge of the material."
Marvin Nutt
Data Migration Specialist

"As a Data Migration Specialist, I was able to learn NetSuite from the inside-out. These tutorials helped fill in the missing pieces necessary to complete my training. Looking forward to more tutorials to come!"

NetSuite Video Training

Learn by watching and then doing

All Pocket Buddha courses are structured around short 2-5 minute videos followed by practice steps to be done in NetSuite.

By watching and then doing, you will achieve the goals and results for each course.

The instructor for the course is also available to answer questions by discussion thread and by email. Personal coaching time can be purchased along with the course as an option.
NetSuite Video Training

What's Included?

All courses include the following content and features:

  • High-quality video walkthroughs of NetSuite in action.

  • Complete video transcripts with screenshots for reference.

  • Exercise and practice steps to be done within NetSuite.

  • Access to the instructor via discussion thread or by direct email.

  • A full 45 days of access to each course.

  • Professional course completion certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is access to a NetSuite account included as part of the course?

    The student is expected to have access to their own NetSuite account: Pocket Buddha training does not provide access to a NetSuite account.

  • Will the NetSuite screens and forms look like those in my instance of NetSuite?

    They will be very similar but not exactly the same. Your instance of NetSuite may have a pre-configured theme or it may have been heavily customized.

  • How long will a course take me?

    Course time varies by course but expect anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete all the steps of a single course.

  • Can I ask questions to the instructor?

    Yes, the instructor will be happy to answer questions via the discussion thread on the course and by email. Personal one-on-one time can be purchased as an option: see the Course Pricing section above.

  • Is the instructor available for customized training?

    Yes, all Pocket Buddha instructors are available for customized training for your company.