NetSuite Should be Easy to Use

NetSuite is pitched as a very easy to learn and use application to run the entire business but exactly how does one learn the zillion different features of NetSuite?  How does one become proficient and confident with NetSuite as a regular user?

The Pocket Buddha NetSuite Orientation video training courses are the only comprehensive eLearning courses that will quickly train you on the fundamentals of using NetSuite.

NetSuite Video Training

Learn by watching and then doing

All Pocket Buddha courses are structured around short 2-5 minute videos followed by practice steps to be done in NetSuite.

By watching and then doing, you will achieve the goals and results for the course.

The instructor for the course is also available to answer questions by discussion thread and by email. Personal coaching time can be purchased along with the course as an option.
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NetSuite Video Training

Key Questions Answered on the Course

  • What are all the capabilities and features of NetSuite?

  • How do I utilize the many NetSuite user interface tools available on every page?

  • How do I use the Global Search feature to find anything in NetSuite?

  • How can I easily navigate around NetSuite and find desired records?

  • How do Dashboards and Portlets work?

  • How do I switch between Roles and update my User Profile?

NetSuite Page Header

Sample Course Video

What's Included?

The course includes the following content and features:

  • Eleven high-quality video walkthroughs of NetSuite in action.

  • Complete video transcripts with screenshots for reference.

  • Exercise and practice steps to be done within NetSuite.

  • Access to the instructor via discussion thread or by direct email.

  • A full 45 days of access to the course.

  • A professional course completion certificate.


  • Tim White

    Lead Instructor

    Tim White

    Hello! It will be my pleasure to be your instructor for this course. <\p>

    I have successfully trained 100s of NetSuite users to be proficient and confident in their understanding and use of NetSuite. <\p>

    My success as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for mid-size companies has been built on ensuring that technology is actually used and understood by the users! <\p>

    P.S. believe me when I say that I understand how challenging it can be to learn all the nuances of NetSuite, but with these courses and expert instructors you will be successful!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is access to a NetSuite account included as part of the course?

    The student is expected to have access to their own NetSuite account: Pocket Buddha training does not provide access to a NetSuite account.

  • Will the NetSuite screens and forms look like those in my instance of NetSuite?

    They will be very similar but not exactly the same. Your instance of NetSuite may have a pre-configured theme or it may have been heavily customized.

  • How long will the course take me?

    Course time varies student to student but allow 2.5 hours to complete all the steps of the course.

  • Can I ask questions to the instructor?

    Yes, the instructor will be happy to answer questions via the discussion thread on the course and by email. Personal one-on-one time can be purchased as an option: see the Course Pricing section below.

  • Is the instructor available for customized training?

    Yes, all Pocket Buddha instructors are available for customized training for your company.

Course Pricing

All pricing includes 45 days of access to the course.
The Coaching option includes personal time
with the instructor.

Money Back Guarantee

All Pocket Buddha courses come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Pocket Buddha instructors are committed to providing the best possible NetSuite learning experience.

If you are not completely satisfied with the course and the instructor is not able to make it right for you then a full refund will be promptly given.
Money Back Guarantee

Course Curriculum

  • 3
    Logging In + Security Questions
    • Logging In + Security Questions
    • Logging In + Security Questions
    • Video Transcript: Logging In & Security Questions
    • Exercise: set your security questions
    • Using What You Learned
  • 4
    User Roles
    • User Roles
    • User Roles
    • Video Transcript: User Roles
    • Practice: viewing and changing your NetSuite role
    • Using What You Learned
  • 5
    NetSuite Page Header
    • NetSuite Page Header
    • Page Header
    • Video Transcript: Page Header
    • Practice: using Global Search
    • Practice: using the Create New Menu
    • Practice: viewing Recent Records
    • Practice: viewing 100 recent records
    • Practice: using the Shortcuts Icon
    • Practice: using the Home icon
    • Practice: viewing Personal Preferences
    • Using What You Learned
  • 6
    • Navigation
    • Navigation
    • Video Transcript: Navigation
    • Practice: viewing tabs and dashboards
    • Practice: viewing list of Customers
    • Practice: viewing list of Contacts
    • Using What You Learned
  • 7
    Dashboards Overview
    • Dashboards Overview
    • Dashboards Overview
    • Video Transcript: Dashboards Overview
    • Exercise: count and diagram home dashboard portlets
    • Practice: collapsing and expanding portlets
    • Practice: refreshing portlets
    • Using What You Learned
  • 8
    Global Search
    • Global Search
    • Searching
    • Video Transcript: Searching
    • Practice: search for and view a Customer record
    • Practice: search for and edit a Customer record
    • Practice: utilize the "Show more items" link
    • Prefixes
    • Video Transcript: Prefixes (print for reference)
    • Exercise: learn the common search prefixes
    • Practice: search for just Customer records
    • Practice: search for just Contact records
    • Practice: search for just Item records
    • Wildcards
    • Video Transcript: Wildcards (print for reference)
    • Practice: search using a wildcard
    • Using What You Learned
  • 9
    User Profile
    • User Profile
    • User Profile
    • Video Transcript: User Profile
    • Exercise: set your email signature
    • Language & Localization
    • Video Transcript: Language & Localization
    • Exercise: set your language and localization settings
    • Using What You Learned
  • 10
    Final Course Steps
    • Next Steps
    • Course Survey